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5: Reactionary Feminism - Mary Harrington | Maiden Mother Matriarch 5

5: Reactionary Feminism - Mary Harrington | Maiden Mother Matriarch 5

My guest this week is Mary Harrington, contributing editor at UnHerd and author of a new book, Feminism Against Progress, which launches a full frontal attack on the ‘progress’ narrative of women’s history. We spoke about the meaning behind Mary;’s term ‘reactionary feminism’, the Old Left, biotech, body snatching, and why the feminists who embrace dechristianisation are sawing off the branch on which they sit. 

Feminism Against Progress by Mary Harrington is available to buy here: 

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution by Louise Perry is available to buy here:  

1:10 What is reactionary feminism? 
7:41 The power of memes 
10:28 Reclaiming the Old Left
15:34 Arguing against “the arc of the universe” view of history 
17:40 Enclosure as a model for the digital era 
21:52 Was the contraceptive pill the first trans humanist technology? 
26:40 The importance of class when it comes to sex differences 
32:14 Havel’s greengrocer 
34:09 The class politics of 19th century body snatching 
37:01 biotech as 21st century body snatching 
40:22 Why the Kardashians are cyborgs 
42:40 Why privatising the human body is the stuff of nightmares 
47:18 What is cyborg theocracy? 
50:14 What dechristianisation actually leads to 
56:00 Reactionary feminism in defence of the human  

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