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(TEASER) Bonus Episode: On Plastic Surgery

(TEASER) Bonus Episode: On Plastic Surgery


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In this week’s bonus episode, my husband and I respond to this question from Nicole:

Given the influence of evolutionary psychology/biology on your ideas, what is your general take on: (1) the current state of beauty pressures on women; (2) how the invention of photography, the rise of mass media, and the proliferation of pornography has influenced beauty norms; (3) how beauty affects sexual behavior in women (eg have heard that beautiful women need not be promiscuous, but in a post-Pill dating market promiscuity makes sense for less attractive women in order to have any mating opportunities); and (4) how the undeniable power of beauty affects, if it does, the arguments and advice in your book. Finally, do you think that your own attractiveness impacted the positive reception your book has gotten? My sense is that the same book written by an ugly woman would not be taken as seriously (which is of course a shame), but would love to hear your thoughts.

We cover vaginoplasty, ‘Turkey teeth’ (pictured above), and whether or not Kim K has had bum implants.