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3: Why Sex Differences Matter - Helen Joyce | Maiden Mother Matriarch 3

3: Why Sex Differences Matter - Helen Joyce | Maiden Mother Matriarch 3


Helen Joyce is a journalist, author, and the director of advocacy at Sex Matters. Her 2021 book Trans: Gender Identity and the New Battle for Women's Rights was an international bestseller. We spoke about the importance of sex differences in law and policy, the origins of gender identity ideology, whether or not gender critical feminists have ‘won’ in the UK, and the relationship between feminism and the Left. Helen’s newsletter is available at

0:00 Intro
1:42 Has the gender critical side ‘won’?
8:55 Is feminism reality denying?
14:24 Transgenderism and the medical industrial complex
19:15 The effect of the NHS on limiting the spread of transgenderism in the UK
24:20 Would better sex reassignment medical technology make people happier? 
29:23 The data on suicide and gender dysphoria
32:44 The role of autogynephilia
38:44 “These men require the rest of us not to talk about what’s going on”
40:23 The relationship between gender non-conformity in children and same sex attraction
46:20 Why our understanding of the science of sexuality has gone backwards
48:43 Why autogynephilic men are at the forefront of trans activism
51:46 The role of the internet in creating new kinds of gender dysphoria
59:06 What do people really mean when they talk about ‘patriarchy’?
1:05:02 Should feminists work with the Right?
1:09:50 The marginalisation of mothers in contemporary feminism

Trans by Helen Joyce is available to buy here:

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution by Louise Perry is available to buy here:

Other books mentioned in the show: Females by Andrea Long Chu

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