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4: The Coming Wave of Sex Negativity - Katherine Dee | Maiden Mother Matriarch 4

4: The Coming Wave of Sex Negativity - Katherine Dee | Maiden Mother Matriarch 4

My guest this week is journalist Katherine Dee. She’s a culture reporter and writes an advice column at her Substack Her work can be found in the Washington Examiner, Tablet, UnHerd, and many other places. Katherine has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the internet: contemporary internet culture, the history of the internet, and the effect that it’s having on society. We spoke about Katherine’s theory on the political importance of Tumblr, the so-called ‘male-to-male transsexual’ as a product of the internet age, why Chinese kids aren’t allowed on TikTok, and much more. 

Katherine’s essay ‘The coming wave of sex negativity’

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution by Louise Perry is available to buy here: 

1:10 The coming wave of sex negativity 
5:11 Internet niches and mainstream culture
8:25 ‘Tradwives’ as an online trend 
14:25 Should the MMM podcast move to OnlyFans? 
22:23 Is AI going to replace OnlyFans? 
26:17 The strongest argument in defence of porn 
31:34 What weird porn does to people’s brains 
37:24 The male-to-male (and female-to-female) transsexual 
38:53 Why women get obvious lip fillers 
41:24 The link between Tumblr and the Great Awokening  
47:14 Is wokeness bad for teenagers’ mental health? 
50:43 The origins of the term ‘latinx’ 
54:06 Gen Z online culture 
1:00:07 How fashions are transmitted 
1:05:12 Why is TikTok so popular?

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