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I do think women on average have lower agency but I honestly think that is largely due to how western society infantilizes women. some of the red pill gripes have preexisted the red pill because their is a common conglomerate of experience that men have with women where their seems to be less of an willingness to take accountability. Obviously this is arguable for either gender, however focusing specifically on women bc, there is something to be said for what Mr. Perry puts forth in the teaser saying that women have no agency and you saying women have less agency. There is a common recognition that women at least exercise their agency less than men which is interesting since being the yielding sex does not mean that you just allow yourself to be steamrolled by everything or be at the mercy of every circumstance but that you have to be more discerning about who and what you yield to in life. Which by my assertion means that women should be practicing agency far more than their male counterparts, but there is a lacking there. I wish my female counterparts could think more for themselves on average, but that has not been the majority of my experience with them. Pill and other self-improvement content geared towards women really needs to be teaching agency and responsibility to fix the gap between men and women. I am simply not seeing the female version of Jordan Peterson or Andrew Tate, or Kevin Samuels. And for all of their flaws and folly, their still a good underlying message geared towards men to be men in varying ways. To each his own to decipher how he should go about doing this; deciphering the confusion is a part of the agency practice. I would love to see women practice more agency. I do not see agency as a purely masculine pursuit, but rather a human one.

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